Beginner Tattoo Kit: How To Use It?

The tattoo is an art that attracts more and more amateurs. This body ornament is very popular, whether discreet or very visible. This indelible mark is used to immortalize a striking memory, or quite simply for pure aesthetic pleasure. As a beginner tattooer, it is essential to equip yourself with the appropriate accessories to evolve in your practice, and obtain an impeccable result. So how do you choose a beginner tattoo kit? How to use it correctly?

If you've always been very creative, inspired, and passionate about tattoos, why not get started to show off your talents? Just get the right equipment like a beginner's tattoo kit, and learn the basics before starting your tattoo parlor.

The beginner tattoo kit: your best ally to get started in this art

If you want to go beyond your passion and get into the practice of tattooing, there's nothing like investing in a beginner's kit. Bringing together all the essential accessories for the initiation to this art, this kit will allow you to master it with ease. Easy to handle, and promising impressive results, it will be your best ally to progress quickly. Optimize your purchase with a few pre-checks.

How to choose a tattoo kit for beginners?

To learn the basics of tattooing, you have to start by choosing your beginner's kit carefully. Although you are a beginner, you must use quality equipment and have the essential accessories to be able to practice in the best conditions. A few points should attract your attention if you want an effective beginner tattoo kit, which will allow you to easily evolve as a tattoo artist? Forget reel machines that require many adjustments and make your life easier with kits designed by professionals and thought for beginners.

It is essential to ensure that the machine offered is rotary and of excellent quality. This will allow you to master the practice more easily. No adjustment is required for this type of machine. So you can concentrate on your work. In addition, the rotary machine has the advantage of being ergonomic and easy to use. It does not require much maintenance, and guarantees a quality finish. In short, it is the choice par excellence for beginners.

We invite you to check the components of the kit. Many accessories necessary for starting are delivered with the machine. These can be inks, tattoo cartridges, Vaseline and even synthetic training skins that will allow you to carry out tests. The type of material offered in a kit can be a determining factor in your choice.

Beginner tattoo kits are usually equipped with a cordless, battery-operated rotary machine. Its autonomy is also a criterion to consider at the time of purchase. The weight of the machine and its grip can also make all the difference. To benefit from comfort of use, and a good precision in the work, it is therefore essential to take this into account. Indeed, the larger the size of the tattoo, the more time you will spend on it. A heavy machine can therefore tire you quickly, and affect the quality of your drawing. The size and shape of the machine should match your hand, so you can work with maximum precision.

Which tattoo machine for beginners?

To be able to use a tattoo kit for beginners at best, you must first understand how the different tattoo machines, also called dermographs, work. There are two types of machines for the practice of tattooing. The coil machine is very popular with tattoo artists. However, it is not necessarily practical for beginners in the art of tattooing. The rotary machine is therefore a good choice for beginners.

How the coil tattoo machine works

This type of machine has two coils, the operation of which is ensured by an electromagnetic current. Its use requires special know-how, since the coil machine requires different settings. If you are a beginner, its weight could become a hindrance in your work. It consists of several parts, which you can change independently in the event of a breakdown.

To make the contours and lines, you have to choose the liner also called liner gun. Its fast speed guarantees an impeccable rendering of the points to form the lines. The shader or filler/shader is intended to fill the drawings and create the shadows.

How the rotary tattoo machine works

Thanks to its practicality, the rotary tattoo machine has become very trendy. Handy and ergonomic, it has succeeded in attracting tattoo artists, but it is especially suitable for professionals who are new to the world of tattooing. Unlike the bobbin machine, it is up to three times lighter and quieter and runs on an electric motor. It is based on a semi-vertical system. This machine is ready to use and does not require any specific adjustment. However, you have to be quite precise when using it. The rotary tattoo machine comes in different models according to your needs. This is why beginner tattoo kits favor this version to make it easier to learn and master the art of tattooing.

As you will have understood, there is nothing like a rotary machine to start the practice of tattooing. This will prevent you from getting tired during long sessions, and from damaging the skin.

Tattoo kit for beginners: what about use and maintenance?

There are many accessories contained in a beginner tattoo kit. You will need to maintain them and ensure that you respect the hygiene principles essential to the smooth running of your business.

How to use the different accessories of a tattoo kit?

Before you even let your creativity run wild and try your first experiences, you must begin by understanding the role of each accessory in a beginner's tattoo kit.

The purpose of the needles of the machine is to make the ink penetrate 0.5 to 1 mm deep into the skin, in particular between the dermis and the epidermis, during tracing. It should be noted that their function may depend on their type. While some are for tracing, others are for shading and filling. The needles must be fixed in the machine, on a rod. Their positioning may vary from one tattoo machine to another, depending on the manufacturer.

The ink intended to form the image to be tattooed must be chosen with care, as it has a direct impact on the quality of the rendering. The continuous feed allows the machine to run, and move back and forth to allow the ink to work its way into the skin.

How to maintain and ensure the hygiene of a tattoo kit for beginners?

The maintenance and hygiene of a beginner tattoo kit should not be overlooked. Without maintenance, you risk having to deal with recurring breakdowns. It is therefore essential to take care of your equipment to optimize its durability. For hygiene, it is important to use disposable equipment, and to carry out a thorough cleaning of all the elements of the machine after its use. The principle of bio-cleaning is the key to successful disinfection. The risks associated with infections and contamination due to lack of cleaning are very high, and can even be fatal.

Where to find a tattoo kit for beginners?

It is not very difficult to get yourself a tattoo kit for beginners. Many sites specializing in this universe offer high-end equipment that will allow you to embark on the adventure. Prices will vary depending on the model chosen. If the coil machine is less expensive, investing in a rotary machine is a good investment. Especially since you can find a complete kit, with all the essentials, at very reasonable prices. Choose reference platforms to ensure the quality of the material.

In short, the tattoo has become a means of expression like any other for many people. It is even considered an art. If you want to get into the practice of tattooing, you must practice to master the technique and thus achieve beautiful creations. Nothing beats a beginner's tattoo kit to take the plunge into this exciting world. By choosing your material carefully, and by training regularly, you have every chance of becoming a tattoo artist capable of satisfying the needs of many customers. A quality machine, complete accessories, unlimited creativity and great precision can allow you to live from your passion.

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