Automate Your HR Document Management With OCR

Working in human resources (HR) means dealing with countless different documents. These documents are numerous and exist in several forms: CV, cover letter, employer statement, etc.

It is necessary for each candidate to process and keep these documents. Their archiving must make it easy to find between the different contracts, applications and other documents related to human resources.

The repetitive nature of the task makes it time-consuming: you have to read, sort, classify, go back to a document to find this or that information and repeat this process as many times as necessary. Long, redundant, error-prone, this action can cause headaches and quickly become frustrating.

Fortunately, optical character recognition technology, or OCR, is revolutionizing this document handling and promoting retrieval and archiving.

This article will introduce you to OCR for HR and how it can dramatically improve your HR management.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition, or OCR, is a technology that automates the reading and extraction of data. It is customizable software that can be adapted to your business sector.

OCR technology is used to convert any type of image that contains written text (typed, handwritten, or printed) into machine-readable text data.

Scan the document from which you need to extract the necessary information. OCR reads the document, extracts the configured data, and returns you a neat and ready-to-use analysis in your software.

What it changes and what you gain from the change

For human resources, the use of HR OCR is an important step forward. This allows you to process the various applications more quickly and easily. Also note the points you are looking for in a particular candidate. Thus, navigate more easily in your applications.

Thanks to HR OCR, automate your recruitment process. Automatically extract the information needed for your decision-making. Process applications faster as you can filter and categorize resumes based on keywords and pre-set searches.

Make applications searchable in your database and thus facilitate your selection and hiring process.

The advantages of HR OCR: an improvement in every way

Using OCR software to digitize your human resources process improves the way you work. Faster, more efficient, your recruitment process or quite simply your document processing is greatly simplified. Here are some of the benefits you can derive from applying OCR technology within your business:

Better speed and accuracy

Process documents faster and more accurately. Thus, carry out more analysis of applications and facilitate your decision-making. Improve your accuracy with automatic extraction of OCR technology, selected data is extracted and ordered. All this in a matter of seconds.

An optimized organization

Cross-check the information of the different CVs that catch your attention and check more easily the important information of your choice. This allows you to optimize your workflow and therefore your decision-making is simplified.

A searchable database

Digitized, HR documents are saved in your database, which allows you to navigate more easily between the different documents. Sort candidates according to specific criteria: for example if you are looking for a certain degree of education, or residing in a specific city.

Extracting data from a CV how it works and what you can do with it

Here is an example application of HR OCR. The example taken here is that of HR OCR from Klippa, a Dutch company specializing in the automation of business processes.

See the steps OCR takes to extract data from a resume.

Here's how Human Resources OCR works on HR documents. For example, here the operation of this software on a resume. This extraction is done in real time and automatically, based on fields that you have previously defined.

Human Resources OCR software follows three steps detailed below for better understanding.

HR document download

First, you need to scan the document from which the information is to be extracted, with your smartphone via the OCR application. Begin by submitting the resume you wish to process to the application. To do this, you can submit the PDF version, or scan the CV using your smartphone's camera via the app.

Raw extraction of document information

As soon as the app receives it, the textual information present is extracted but not yet structured. Step 2 shows the HR OCR extraction job. The OCR software extracts the entire document. This extraction is not structured, that is to say that the information is completely extracted but not yet usable.

Structured extraction and out-of-the-box data

Finally, the OCR application structures the data and allows you to process it directly in your database. Now all information is structured and, optionally, signatures are extracted. The fields you have previously defined are extracted in a structured way. All the information is now searchable and ready to be integrated into your database.

This is how using OCR software for HR documents makes your process easier and faster. Thanks to it, process automatically and more precisely all the documents necessary for the smooth running of your activity.

Get started with OCR

Using OCR software for processing your HR documents is a good solution to automate and improve your process. Gain speed, accuracy and performance through more efficient document processing. Find your OCR software provider, and start digitizing your business.

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