Atelier De France, For Made-to-Measure Printed Curtains Made In France

The optimization of interior decoration is not only a true French passion. It is also an essential need. To feel good, it is indeed essential to personalize your home with furniture, accessories or trinkets that look like you. Some of these objects even fulfill several essential functions, which relate in particular to aesthetics, comfort and intimacy. And with custom-printed curtains by Atelier de France, all your expectations will be met!

The curtain, an airlock between two worlds

The curtain is definitely a special accessory in the house. This veil, which can be translucent or opaque, dark or shimmering according to desires and tastes, is indeed much more than a piece of decorative fabric. First of all, he is the guarantor of your privacy, the guardian of your nights and a bulwark against the curiosity of the outside world. The choice of patterned curtains is therefore particularly personal and must necessarily be based on the widest possible choice.

Curtains are also tools with different purposes depending on their location in the house. In the bedroom, they must first stop all light coming from outside to protect the sleep of the occupants. They can also materialize a slight separation between two different but nevertheless connected rooms. Different uses therefore require a variety of tools. And for that, the made-to-measure printed curtains from the Atelier de France are perfect for that!

Custom printed curtains just for you!

L'Atelier de France is first and foremost a well-established institution that has been distributing, designing and supplying individuals and professionals alike for many years. The skills of its employees are well established. Neither in terms of techniques, nor in terms of knowledge of the tastes of the public, as evidenced by the significant diversity of patterns, themes and graphics of the collection of curtains offered by the brand.

But what we particularly like in the offer of the Atelier de France is first and foremost the tailoring on demand. Here, all you have to do is choose your fabric, convey your needs with precision, then the little expert hands of the Atelier de France take care of designing custom-made printed curtains just for you! In addition, their advisers are always available to send you their ideas or suggestions!

Curtains and commitments

If the Atelier de France has become a respected institution in the world of textile manufacturing, it is not only because of the variety of graphics or materials offered. Nor only by the expert competence of the brand's employees. No, what most appeals to today's consumers are above all the commitments made by the brand. And these do not just cover quality requirements.

Of course, the solidity, the durability or the good color fastness of the fabrics are constant concerns of the Atelier de France. This is true for custom-printed curtains but also for all their other products, such as throws, cushions or duvets. But above all, the Atelier is above all proud of its country, its traditions and its know-how. All products are therefore manufactured here on national territory to support the economy and further develop local skills!

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