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To take charge of his financial assets now, understand the economic issues related to the latter and of course succeed in his future investments, Richard Détente, a specialist in macro-economic popularization, offers what he calls an investment letter. The aim here is to offer online resources in the form of videos, advice sheets and complete thematic files that will allow you to acquire new knowledge, in particular with the aim of taking charge of your heritage.

Who is Richard Détente?

If the name of Richard Détente means nothing to you, it is nevertheless a personality of the web who is meeting more and more success. With his YouTube Grand Angle channel, he has more than 156,000 subscribers. The latter is dedicated to the themes of economy and finance through popular videos that allow as many people as possible to understand how a country's economy works, but also to make interesting investments.

Thus, if these themes may seem somewhat complex and difficult to access to the general public, Richard Détente intends to make them more accessible to open the field of possibilities to all those who wish. Whether you simply want to better understand the functioning of the French economy or even succeed in a real estate investment, his videos can be of great help.

These are also short formats and therefore very easy to access when you have about ten minutes to devote to them in transport, for example. The remarks are imaged by visuals and the spectator is not assailed with information to make everything easily readable and understandable. To go further, Richard Détente offers videos with longer formats to explore a subject in more depth, but also to involve different guests. He also opened two other YouTube channels annexed to the first: Grand Angle crypto and Grand Angle entrepreneurship. In the same way that some Youtubers popularize scientific information (more information on the subject here), Richard Détente's mission is to address the theme of economy and finance in a more accessible way.

An investment letter to complete the whole

For those who are genuinely interested in financial investment, Richard Détente also offers an offer called an investment letter. The aim here is to offer basic education and practical advice in electronic form, in particular to be able to learn more about wealth management. Advice videos, sheets and other tools are thus delivered through this subscription in order to take advantage of the expertise of Richard Détente, but also of other actors specializing in the economy.

The proposed investment letter does not require any specific prerequisites in terms of knowledge, which makes it accessible to a very large number of people. It is aimed at those who want to know how to manage their wealth in the most profitable way possible and who therefore want to acquire certain knowledge to make appropriate and informed choices. In addition, the subscription includes the possibility of asking questions to which Richard Détente undertakes to answer within 72 hours. Access to a private forum is also included to be able to exchange with other subscribers on the proposed content as well as on more general questions.

The proposed investment letter is therefore a real opportunity to go further in one's learning and to have valuable resources with exclusive access. The opportunity to take charge of your financial assets and find the desired answers to your various questions!

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