After the Pandemic, Reflection on the Layout of Offices

To preserve the health of their employees and collaborators, many companies are opting for teleworking, which has proven to be quite advantageous.

But, before being able to resume their activities, it is important to put in place measures to be able to comply with the new protocol established by the Ministry of Labor for deconfinement. This requires a reorganization of offices, whether by companies or employees working from home.

Need for office rearrangement after end of covid-19

This Covid-19 pandemic has really spared nothing. The world of work is still completely turned upside down. For health and safety reasons, it is important for companies to review the layout of their rooms and offices.

The office of tomorrow will no longer be the same as before: companies are forced to reorganize rooms. Social distancing measures remain valid for every business, regardless of size.

To respect the minimum 1 m2 between employees in all corners of it, the office separation can be a practical solution. This will reduce the risk of proliferation of this viral disease.

Also, each member working in a company must adopt barrier gestures. If necessary, the companies will have to arrange the offices in order to gain more space and facilitate the circulation of people.

Tomorrow's office will have a whole new look. It will be necessary to use easily cleanable objects and materials as much as possible. For example, the installation of a sliding canopy, a suitable glass closure, to reorganize offices, is a good alternative. This will also promote good ventilation for the workers in the company.

It should be noted that even employees who choose to work from home must consider rearranging their professional space. It is important to separate the latter from other personal rooms to be able to work properly, even in your own home.

The solution for the layout of the office of tomorrow

It goes without saying that this pandemic has had many repercussions. Nevertheless, we must think about taking adequate solutions to put an end to it quickly. The famous precautionary principle will then be to change the face of the office of tomorrow. Businesses can opt for glass closure to separate offices. This separation solution, which is an Open-Space type layout, is both aesthetic and practical to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

You can request the services of the expert CliKIT, a specialist in the custom design of durable sliding glass roofs. Thanks to this, carrying out the office reorganization will be easier, both for companies and for employees working from home.

The office of tomorrow will perfectly suit this situation which concerns countries all over the world. For more advice on the layout of offices in a company, see this site.

The benefits of office remodeling

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