A wage portage company to maintain social coverage

In a world where mobility and flexibility have become the hallmarks of the economic fabric, we are no longer surprised by the growing importance of self-employment. This responds both to the needs of companies, which increasingly like to hire consultants for specific and temporary assignments, and to the aspirations of individuals who now favor autonomy and independence in the exercise of their profession.

However, if more and more individuals are attracted by independent freelance work, very few are ready to deny all the advantages of salaried work. French social security coverage for employees is indeed certainly one of the greatest advances in terms of Labor Law and it would be a shame to set it aside in favor of a fantasized but limiting freedom in practice. This is the whole point of a wage portage company that offers entrepreneurs the benefits of autonomy while retaining the benefits of employment.

A wage portage company for better health coverage

As a carried employee, you benefit from the advantages of the coverage of the general social security system. As such, coverage includes the reimbursement of your care, your consultations with the doctor or your medication costs. This protection guaranteed by the wage portage company also allows you to benefit from all the advantages of sick leave as an employee and therefore to be reimbursed for your hospitalization costs, for example.

To receive benefits from the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie, you simply need to have worked at least 150 hours in the last three months. You should also know that if you enjoy the same rights as employees, you are also bound by the same duties. Thus, you must inform your employer, the portage company, of any sick leave or parental leave within 48 hours.

Wage portage and unemployment benefits

Since 2015, legislation has secured access to unemployment benefits for employed workers. Anyone concerned can thus claim the opening of new rights and therefore the benefits of the compensation due to them. It is the wage portage company that will then complete the employer certificate, an essential and sufficient key to enjoy the allowance. Also be aware that if the contract that binds you to the company is broken, you will be able to collect the ARE because the subordination link between the wearer and the company is legally recognized.

Your compensation is calculated on the basis of a full-time equivalent gross salary. This must be equivalent to at least 70% of the ceiling provided by Social Security. Also note that it is quite possible to combine your wage portage missions with the AREs and this until your rights are exhausted, because the resumption of a part-time activity legally allows you to combine income and AREs provided by the Pole. Use.

Foresight, mutual insurance and retirement in wage portage

The wage portage company is subject to social contributions and must therefore offer protection under the general system to its employees. But since 2016, it has also been required to provide company mutual insurance to worn. This must in particular cover additional health costs which will not be reimbursed by Social Security. An important point for the self-employed who can thus combine the advantages of autonomy with the security of the workforce.

In addition, the wage portage company is also the guarantor of the pension plan for the self-employed. This makes it possible in particular to predict life accidents such as the death of a loved one, the occurrence of a disability or even to benefit from an extension of sick leave if necessary. Finally, the contract that binds the self-employed person to the company also makes it possible to contribute to retirement, another essential point to ensure the exercise of a profession with complete peace of mind.

What are the other points to check before switching to wage portage?

You have just discovered the interests of wage portage, particularly in terms of complementary health insurance. However, before seeing what social coverage for wage portage we offer you, you have to start at the beginning, namely find the company with whom you are going to do your wage portage.

You might think that all companies in this field are equal, but trust us, that's far from the case. Here are the different points to check:

– The first, and not least, is to check what part of your turnover you will have to pay to the company that hires you. The greediest will ask for up to 45%. – Who will take care of the invoices and chase up the bad payers? – Are there any costs in the event of turnover at zero euros? – There must be no relationship of subordination with the wage portage company. You must therefore be free to apply the tariffs you wish. – What will happen if you want to resign?

It is important to ask all these questions before signing your contract. Only then can you ask questions about your future company mutual.

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