2022 Corporate Greeting Card Trends

With the end of year and New Year holidays approaching, preparations to ensure that they are on top to differentiate themselves from the competition are the order of the day for companies in all sectors. And beyond tweaking exclusive holiday specials, greeting presentations are also among the must-have essentials.

Like every year, the brands are therefore already on the lookout for the best models of greeting cards to please all the faithful. Also following the trend, greeting cards are a sign of recognition, but also a way for companies to highlight their values. As it is a practical gift which in addition to pleasing employees; business partner and customers; the latter will also serve as a professional communication tool.

In addition, the choice of the desired support must be made with the greatest attention and above all according to the trend of the moment! So as not to miss it, here is the review of what is fashionable in terms of 2022 greeting cards.

Why choose to share greeting cards?

The Christmas and New Year rush often gets the better of greeting cards. Between the achievement of sales objectives or the preparation of orders, companies go so far as to ignore these pretty wish cards. And yet, these media play a major role in the brand image of a brand. An undeniable marketing tool, this detail, which may prove to be light in the eyes of business leaders, nevertheless makes it possible to maximize the quality of the relationship with customers, employees and all other partners. Far from being a simple traditional practice, the greeting card thus proves the creativity, but also the good altruistic attention of the company.

As it conveys the image of your brand, it is therefore essential to avoid betting on less prestigious options such as e-cards or even greetings by email. Giving a neglected and uninterested image to your sign, these options are guaranteed not to have the same effects as a physical business greeting card. Likewise, remember to take care of the content of your card to ensure that you maintain a professional image. So don't leave anything to chance, from content to design!

Trending corporate greeting card designs for 2022

Far from cheesy, the trending business greeting card templates for 2022 deserve to be known. The choice will have to be made according to the desired style:

– Finished greeting cards

Being by far the style that is unanimous among design lovers, finished greeting cards appeal for their modernity and elegance. Whether at the level of cutting or gilding, this option is guaranteed to please your employees and your customers. Giving an ultra-worked and refined appearance, the beautiful cutouts and gilding here and there will allow you to effectively communicate your wishes!

– Special size greeting cards

Having known how to give themselves a facelift, the small greeting cards of yesteryear are no longer the only solutions for 2022. Now, the fashionable options want to be available in various formats: 10 x 15 cm; 14x14cm; 12x17cm; 14 x 14 cm folded, etc. the choice is wide and to be made according to the desired style. Those who like to see things big can choose the size-optimized options while fans of mini versions can take advantage of the smaller models.

– Stylish greeting cards

Calendar, nature, covid, multicultural or even with quotes, the styles of 2022 greeting cards are meant to be widely different and up to all requirements.

– Greeting cards related to the job

For greater personalization, it is also possible to choose greeting cards for the new year in line with your sector. Environmental, catering and hospitality or even health and well-being, at popcarte.com, you are guaranteed to find everything to please your professional entourage!

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